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Covid Safety

We are COVID-19 Ready

As a mobile massage company we are advising our therapist to follow the latest government guidelines to keep our customers protected and safe .

What we are doing for you

Risk assessment

We are putting in place measures to make sure that your treatment is safe and there are no risks for your health and well-being by following latest advice by local authorities and the government.

Wearing a mask

Wearing a mask is not mandatory in the Uk anymore, however if you are concern about your safety, you can wear one for your session or ask your therapist to wear one for your massage session.

Hygiene practices

We are strongly advising our therapist to wash and sanitise their hands before and after appointment and as part of their daily routine.

Keeping areas ventilated

Our therapist are advised make sure that the area for your treatment is cleaned, disinfected and highly ventilated, the more fresh air is in the area on the treatment, the more diluted any airborne virus will become and this will reduce the risk of covid-19 spreading.

What we ask from you


London is a big city and sometimes there are delays with the transport, please give your mobile massage therapists some time to arrive to your location, we strongly advice you to Book in advance.